Exterior of House with LandscapingIs your family now growing in number? Is your rented apartment starting to get a little too crowded? This would be the perfect time to have your dream house built finally. Picture having a porch with a wooden swing, and a white picket fence surrounding lush green lawn. Havoc Construction L.L.C. believes that materializing a dream home is possible. There will be a lot of planning to do, and you’ll have to be prepared for anything and everything that can happen during the whole process. So here are some tips to help you get started on building your humble abode.

Know What You Want

Get the family together and discuss ideas. Do you want a Tudor style house? Mediterranean? Cottage Style? Do you want a lawn garden? Bungalow or 2-story house? Try to think about its exterior and how you want it designed or landscaped.

Set a Budget

This you must discuss with your spouse. You’ll want to look at your monthly household income and expenses, and mortgage, and if it will fit into this whole plan. You can always ask for financial advice if need be.

Master Plan

You’ll need to spend time doing this with a team because this may be the longest part of the process. Choose the right location that’ll fit your family’s needs. Do the legwork for all the permits. Then lastly discuss interiors – the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, what the kitchen and living room will look like and any other interior designs.


Now you can lean back and let your construction guys do their magic. Just check in once in a while to see the making of your dream home.

Manage your expectations when it comes to completion time. Suppliers may deliver late, or permits may be delayed. Just stay open and keep in your mind a picture of how it will all come together. Before you know it, you and your family will be enjoying your new home.