Speaker at a corporate eventCompanies hold corporate events for several reasons. Whether it’s a golf tournament, a beach promotional party or a conference, organising corporate events and choosing an appropriate event venue in a place like Singapore is a great way to build customer relationships and boost their brand.

There are several kinds of corporate events, depending on the company’s goals. If your company is hosting one, then it’s best to understand each type so that you’ll know which one will work for you. To help you out with the planning, here are the basic types of corporate events applicable to any business.


A roundtable is a more intimate type of corporate event where there are usually less than 20 participants involved. Business 2 Community says that roundtables have at least one or two subject experts coming from the local community. This type of event is a perfect venue if you’re comfortable with having group discussions. It’s also an ideal way to guide the conversation of a specific group of individuals.

Conferences and Seminars

Seminars are usually small events that last from a couple of hours to a few days. They have one or several speakers that aim to get people involved in the same space. Meanwhile, conferences have several sessions and are usually happening at hotels. It also begins with a keynote concourse to introduce the purpose of the event. Then, conduct several breakout sessions based on topics. Many experts say that companies hold these types of events to spread the word about their company and their new releases.


Speaker at a product demoDemos are an excellent way for companies to showcase their new products at an event venue in Singapore. It’s also a perfect means to convert contacts to leads by inviting people to attend the event. Tech companies such as Microsoft and Apple conduct demos to present their products before its release.

Compared to other event marketing strategies, companies conduct demos to target decision makers. It’s a way for companies to showcase their products and let the audience see it in action with their own eyes.


A webinar is a perfect option for those who want to reach a wider audience without spending millions on an events place. It’s an excellent way for companies to reach a broad audience via the internet. Companies can also host it with a different event to boost the number of people who’ll attend it. Companies who have geographical challenges can host a webinar to spread the word about their latest products or upgrades, too.


Another way to monetise the event is through a workshop. It’s a great way to share expertise while converting leads to customers. Workshops often start with a presentation followed by an activity. It usually lasts at least two hours to give time for other exhibitions as well as for some questions and answers.

No matter what type of event your company chooses, you need to create a corporate event marketing strategy to ensure its success. Look for an excellent event venue that’ll fit the type of event as well as the theme that you want to pull off.