Backyard with TreesTrees can serve as a living privacy fence to block views from street traffic and neighbours. Trees can also help reduce noise as well as limit your view to mask distant objects. Tree Fellers presents some ways of using trees and shrubs to make your yard a private haven.

1. Plant a hedge.

You can block unwanted views by planting a hedge. While many trees and shrubs are suitable for hedges, go for the evergreen varieties for year-round screening. Also, remember to choose varieties that are not only adapted to your climate but also that grows into the height and width you desire your wall of green to reach.

2. Punctuate the yard.

When it comes to using trees and shrubs specifically to block unwanted views, most homeowners plant only around the perimeter of the particular landscape. But you can plant your trees and shrubs throughout your yard for a better screen.

3. Decorate the fence.

You can set up a fence that looks dull with a border of beautiful annuals, perennials or easy-care shrubs. You can also add extra-tall perennials to provide additional screening to your fence. Get help from a tree pruning expert in Tauranga to keep tall trees in good shape.

4. Form isolated pockets.

You may not be looking to turn your entire backyard into a private haven. If that is the case, you can take just one corner and plant a couple of trees to transform it into a beautiful secluded getaway.

5. Mix it up.

There are many strategies for creating privacy. Trees and shrubs can help keep the landscape interesting because they offer you an opportunity to incorporate several types of gorgeous screens. For instance, you can add privacy to your patio using a conventional fence, and then use a low hedge and a large tree to mix things up.

Trees and shrubs are an effective but inexpensive way to block unwanted views. For the best results, decide the type of screen you want and choose the trees and shrubs that meet your needs.