London View At DuskPlanning to study in London requires a certain degree of research and preparation. Like with any venture, there are things that you should not fail to consider when you plan to make this giant leap. 

London is one of the best cities in the world. What comes with the beauty of 'The Old Smoke' is the enticing grandeur it offers to many students. As such, when you are planning to study in London, it will be best to come prepared, according to LHA London.

Find the Right Accommodation

Being a student in the heart of Great Britain would make it necessary for you to find a good yet cheap accommodation in London. The city is teeming with these great accommodations. Ask friends and relatives for any referral. Do not forget to search online for cheap student London accommodations because there are many listings available where you can find great deals. 

Determine Distance Between School and Apartment

Aside from finding a cheap accommodation in London, also make sure that your apartment is near your school. A walking distance is always preferred, however, in the event you cannot find a nearby cheap apartment, just ensure that there are transportation services in the area. Telegraph mentioned that the transport network in London is good, so going around London is not a problem. 

Check Availability of Part-Time Work 

Studying in one of the world’s centres of academic excellence will not come cheap, hence, you may find yourself looking for part time work to augment your expenses. What is great about London is that, according to Study London, you will not find difficulty in looking for part-time work

Fun, Malls, Clubs and Parks

Student life is a stressful one. During weekends, you might want to relax and enjoy so as to regain that lost energy after a week of poring over books and tons of research. Try to check if there are malls and clubs in the area. You will definitely need a break after a weeklong study. 

Studying in London may be one of the best decisions you can make. The city is home to the best schools that provide quality education. Just remember to check out a few things such as the accommodation, part-time work availability, and areas of fun and relaxation. Once you verify these things, you will have a great time studying in London.