Wedding PlanningPractical doesn’t have to be boring, and pretty doesn’t have to be useless, especially when it comes to wedding favours. Anything and everything can be customised these days. You can have a personalised design for your treats. Dynamic Concepts Limited also suggests engraving your wine glasses or bottles.


In the same way a rope tied to an anchor keeps a ship afloat, keyrings keep people from misplacing their, well, keys. There are so many nautical designs to choose from. You can have a compass or a ship. An anchor and a rope, or a monkey fist. Anything you choose will be beautiful and hold a certain charm that your family and friends will appreciate.

Candle Holders

Capture the romance of your wedding with personally picked scented candles. Place them in theme-compliant custom holders and you have an ace souvenir. Another suggestion is to request for your venue to have the same aroma as the candles so that your loved ones remember the event when they decide to light it.

Candy Tin Cans

Share sweet memories with your guests. Literally!

Fill up nautically designed tin cans with your favourite candy and distribute them amongst the reception tables. Your family and friends will appreciate the sweet little things they can nibble on, and they can keep and reuse the containers for prescription medicine, other candy or whatnot.

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are an ideal wedding favour. They are reusable and make a good addition to shelf or desk décor. Add your personality to them by having the bottles engraved with your design of choice. You can even fill them up with sand and seashells to keep up with the theme.

From elegant and classy to fun and quirky, each wedding favour is unique and special. They will keep the memories of your special day alive.