litigation photographerThe process of litigation involves gathering various pieces of evidence and documents to support a case. Attorneys and lawyers require long hours of information gathering, aside from the actual court presentation and proceedings. This is where the litigation support staff is necessary.

Litigation support professionals assist in managing large-scale litigation by designing and implementing databases for managing, indexing, sorting and abstracting large volumes of data.

Litigation support develops data management strategies, assists with technology in the courtroom, and coordinates with technology vendors. They also provide user support and training about off-the-shelf and proprietary software. A litigation team is commonly composed of talented presentation specialists, litigation consultants, graphic designers, videographers, medical illustrators and forensic animators. As a team, they process the body of evidence to make these more presentable and visually appealing during presentation.

Photos in the Court Room

One of the demonstrative pieces of evidence used in the courtroom is photos. Photos are a significant source of information because of its evidentiary content and the supplemental information of its production, like when it was taken or how it was created.

Unlike magazine photos, evidentiary photos should have minimal digital enhancement or alteration. This is why capturing photos for presentation should be given to litigation photographers.

Litigation Photographer

Many modern litigation methods have evolved to include digital cameras and other equipment to ensure that photos are of the highest quality. A photographer must be skilled in getting the right light, perspective and timing to capture compelling and informative photographs. The job includes taking aerial shots to capture as much information as possible in just a few photos.

Aside from the skills mentioned, companies like Trial Exhibits also offer a speedy service when it comes to the production of duplicates and conversion of documents to various file formats is necessary. Photos are used not only to support case arguments; these should also evoke the desired human emotions.

Litigation processes require as much preparation as that of full-blown court trials. With the help of an excellent litigation support team, this process can come to the desired conclusion.