a hiker with a bicycle watching the sunsetListening to music can be a way for some people to relax, cope with stress, or just simply enjoy the beat. If you’re an athlete, however, listening to music can pump you up and can motivate you to work out more. It can help energize your body and could help you manage pain and fatigue.

New Ways to Listen to Music while on the Road

Whether you are riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, listening to music can cause you to lose situational awareness and risk getting into accidents.

Fortunately, new technology allows you to enjoy your playlist on your bike while staying safe on the road. Specialized riding earbuds are restricted to 100 decibels, to lower the chances of damaging your eardrums and so you can hear nearby traffic and car horns.

Another option is a wireless headset, which allows you to listen to music and talk to your fellow riders at the same time.

If you really don’t want to take any risks at all from wearing headphones, you can also use handlebar speakers. You can simply strap the speaker onto your bike, fire up your music player, and enjoy your riding playlist.

Get Pumped with your Tunes while Cycling

When you’re riding a bicycle or motorcycle, adjusting your music’s tempo will affect your performance. Research shows that speeding up the music while pedaling on bikes increases performance in terms of distance covered, the speed of pedaling, and power exerted.

No matter what your reason is, listening to music can provide several psychological benefits. While you work out or cover long distances on your bike, it can help combat fatigue. Since you’re focusing on the music, you don’t notice the extra effort you are exerting.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of listening to your favorite song on your bike, with the wind on your face. Fortunately, technology has provided us with ways to bring our own personal riding soundtracks to the road.