Gift vouchers conceptForgot to add someone to your list when you were gift shopping? No worries. Even though the holidays may be over, you can still make amends. All you have to do is choose a gift that’s not exactly a gift, but a token of appreciation.

Here are some examples:

Give Them Complimentary Passes to Your Spa

Owning a spa means you have a handy gift idea ready to be used anytime. Of course, you’ll first have to make sure everything is in good working order, so get that spa service done before giving away complimentary passes. This can be perfect for friends or family members already living locally in Salt Lake City, especially those complaining about their stressful job. Be generous–give out a pair of passes so they can take someone with them. That’s the least you can do to make up for forgetting their gift.

Take Them to a Movie Date

It’s simple, but it’s the thought that counts. You want to spend time with them and are making yourself available. They will feel loved, and they’ll forget about the missing present. Make the most of it by treating them to their favorite snacks and giving them your full attention. Your phone can last two hours without being checked every second. Time the date when a movie you both love is showing; it shouldn’t be just a random plan to get it over with. It can even be a date night at home if you’re living with them.

Give Them Gift Cards

Gift cards are cash in the form of a gift. They are easy to buy last minute, so you won’t even have to tell your friend that you forgot to buy a gift for them. This saves you time and increases the likelihood of your gift being appreciated because they can buy whatever they want with it. That means there are no worries whether the shirt you bought will fit or if they will love it. They are literally choosing their own gift, and you’re paying for it.

Last-minute gift ideas are hard to come by. Thankfully, you can make do with something that’s available or easily accessible.