One way street sign

Owning a vehicle is a huge responsibility. For one, you are responsible for your car’s regular maintenance and repairs when necessary. You also have to pay extra if you want to make your car look like royalty on the road. However, being a responsible vehicle owner doesn’t stop there.

All drivers should know and follow the basic road signs. Whether you’re in Australia or in any part of the world, following road works signs should be a mandatory thing. Otherwise, not following traffic signs can cause accidents and endanger people’s lives.

Types of road signs

There are different types of road signs. Each of these signs should be followed in accordance with the law. These signs are also designed to keep you safe while you are on the road.

Regulatory signs

These types of road signs should be followed. Most of these signs are rectangular-shaped with white background with black, capitalized texts. There are also some red elements on these kinds of signage, which emphasizes what motorists should not do. Among common regulatory signs include:

  • Keep Left/Keep Right
  • No Entry
  • No Right Turn/No U-Turn
  • Two Way

Warning signs

These road signs provide warning among motorists of any oncoming danger ahead. Warning signs are usually diamond-shaped with a yellow background and black symbols or texts. Some examples of warning signs often alert motorists of humps ahead, or to be alert with wild animals crossing the road.

Advisory signs

These types of road signs are often posted with other road signage such as warning signs. Advisory signs usually indicate the maximum speed that is allowed in that certain road.

Some advisory signs also state how far you are from a certain road hazard. For example, an advisory sign may indicate that you should maintain up to 55 km per hour maximum speed on a specific road or highway.

Motorway signs

These kinds of road signs often have a green background with white texts and borders. It is usually found in major highways or freeways. Meanwhile, there are also those that are called variable message signs that display computerized messages for motorists.

Why you should follow road signs

As responsible motorists and citizens, it is mandatory to follow road signs due to the following reasons.

1. It helps maintain safe driving conditions.

These signs are important so that motorists will know how fast they can drive or which direction they should drive. It also helps alert motorists of upcoming road hazards such as road constructions or to slow down due to some road accident. Without these road warning signs, all roads and motorways can spell disaster and may even lead to accidents.

2. It ensures safety among pedestrians, animals, and property.

Road signage also ensures pedestrian safety, humans, and animals alike. It also causes less risk of property damage (e.g., No Trespassing) and breaking the law.

3. It keeps you alert of any potential dangers.

Road sign in the country side

Warning signs help alert motorists of any incoming danger or road hazards, such as humps or a closed road ahead. These signages give motorists time to adjust their driving to avoid causing delays and traffic to vehicles behind them.

Road signs are important to maintain order and safety for both motorists and pedestrians. However, these should not be mere road decorations that a lot of people tend to ignore. Everyone’s safety lies on being responsible citizens — and that starts by following simple instructions such as these road signs.