Eyelid Surgery in AucklandThe double eyelid surgery, also known as the Asian blepharoplasty, is a common cosmetic procedure performed on people who have monolids. A part of the skin on the person’s eyelids is removed to create a natural looking crease.

Why People Undergo Double Eyelid Surgery

A double eyelid surgery is considered one of the easiest and less expensive procedures a person can have to change his or her facial appearance. When done right, it could look perfectly natural and could be hardly noticed. It also doesn’t require a long recovery time. Though not all cases are associated with cosmetic purposes, but people who have a single upper eyelid crease which causes them to have vision problems also opt for this surgery. Creating a fold on a person’s upper eyelid helps widen the eye’s opening, allowing an improved scope of vision. This procedure is also recommended to reduce puffiness in the lower lids.

What To Expect After A Double Eyelid Surgery

After a double eyelid surgery is done, the patient is usually expected to have a short recovery time. There would be thin bandages put on the areas of incision and it will be removed after a couple of days, though the stitches would still be left for about a week, if the stitches used were not the type that melts and self-absorbs. There will also be bruising and swelling around the area. Using cool compresses will help reduce these.

Patients can also do light activities like walking to help quicken the healing process. After seven to ten days, most people can go back to doing their normal activities. Usually after two weeks, the majority of the bruising and swelling are almost gone.

People invest in making themselves look better to feel better. Thankfully, medical advancements keep improving and have more options for people interested in a cosmetic surgery. Eyelid surgery is just one of the innovative cosmetic surgeries that are popular today.