Man Changing A TyreYour tyres are the contact point between your car and the road. Very few people think of their importance. But tyres are what keeps your vehicle on the road and not in a middle of a car accident. Tyre Tracks will be the first to tell you that taking good care of tyres upholds grip and traction, making the road a safer place for everyone.

Why Should You Inspect Your Tyres?

Driving on tyres that don’t comply with regulations could void your insurance. If this is not reason enough to check your eco tyre, you will have to contend with the fact that getting in an accident with worn out tyres could double your legal problems.

Worn out tyres will also impede your car’s performance. For instance, worn out tread depths hamper active steering, acceleration and braking. All these aspects of a car are crucial to maintaining your road safety.

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Apart from ensuring that your tyres are not worn out, you should be keen on wheel alignment and balance. Wheels worn out along a single edge is a sign of poor alignment. You will need an expert to look into the wheels as soon as possible.

Unaligned or unbalanced wheels put undue pressure on your car’s mechanics. That could not only disrupt its stability but also lead to structural damage. The cost of replacing the tyres and doing a computerised wheel alignment is always cheaper than what you would spend dealing with the repercussions of the negligence.

When doing the checks, don’t forget to ensure that you have a spare tyre that is in good working condition. Most people ignore or even overlook spare tyres. This is not only illegal but also a recipe for disaster. Including your spare tyre in the maintenance plan will only serve to the best of your interests.