Arriving at the PromProm is one of the most special events in high school. It’s that night in every teenager’s life that they get to dress fine, look good, and be as stylish as possible. If you and your friends decide to go to the prom together and you’re in charge of the vehicle, you should know how to get the best ride.

When you attend prom, you don’t walk; you never go to the venue in a minivan – unwritten rules every teenager knows. You’re top option is to hire a limo. Car rental services such as Michaels Limo allow you and your friends to make a grand entrance. But make sure you stay safe and smart when you hire a limo.

Go Check the Limo

Before agreeing with the company, see to it that you visit the car personally. There’s a big difference in looking at the limo in pictures than in actually touching it. This way, you can ensure that the car looks good and doesn’t have problems, such as uncomfortable seats and unsightly dents and scratches. Make sure to smell the interior too. Nobody likes to ride around in an ashtray.

Ask for the Total Cost

Picking the best-looking limo is a priority. But you should also mind the total cost. You don’t want to be scrambling for money to pay on the day of the prom itself. Make sure you get the right quote from the company, complete with the pricing breakdown. Don’t forget to ask if the 10% tip is already included.

Collect the Payment Early

Renting a limousine is way too costly for an average teenager. You and your friends are probably dividing the total cost amongst yourselves. To protect yourself from spending too much money, make sure you already collected every dollar from your friends at least a month before and keep it in a safe place.

Certify its Legality

The most important part is to make sure you rent from a legitimate company. This ensures your safety in the hands of the driver. Plus, recent news reported that the police pulled over a couple of teens on the way to prom because the limo is not registered. Such embarrassing events can ruin a special night.

Picking a limo to take to the prom should be the same in choosing your attire. Be meticulous and keen enough with the details. Don’t let the slightest issue be the reason to say that prom night was the worst night of your teenage years.