wedding venuesIn Australia, April to September is generally a less popular time for weddings. But before you dismiss these months, consider the advantages of getting married in the off season. While you might have to put up with less than ideal weather conditions, that is a small price to pay for the huge benefits you get in return.

1. Better venues – Many popular wedding venues like will give you some sizable discounts if you hire them during the months when they usually have fewer bookings. Another advantage, though, is that you are not competing with other couples for the best locations.

Ask any married couple married during the peak season, and they will tell you how difficult it was to secure a place for their ideal date. During the more unconventional months, however, you won’t have to deal with that.

2. Easier for guests – Generally speaking, family members and friends will have fewer commitments during the off-season as well. At the very least, there is a much lower chance of them having to attend another wedding on the same day as yours, and their travel expenses will usually be much lower.

3. Cheaper services – Like the venue, you will enjoy some substantial discounts on the flowers, wedding cake, invitations, and much more. Take skilled wedding photographers, for example; during peak season, they are incredibly busy and have no choice but to charge a premium for their services. But during the off months, they are lucky to get any projects at all, so you hire them for a bargain.

4. Inexpensive honeymoon – Naturally, your dream honeymoon will also be a lot more affordable, as the wedding and tourism industries go hand-in-hand. Flights will be cheaper, hotels will have generous promotions, and best of all, there will be fewer other tourists to share the location with.

Weddings do not have to cost you your shirt. If you get married at the right time, you can shave a large amount off the final bill.