Garage DoorIn terms of material, wood is a common choice for residential garage doors. Wood is known for its durability, versatility and enduring charm. It also offers excellent natural insulation. Larch, hemlock and oak are typical options. While some are affordable, others are costly.

The price of a garage door depends on the timber species and the design customisation you will require. If you’re willing to settle for one of the standard timber garage doors, Melbourne suppliers will gladly install it for you.

Caring for your new garage door

Upgrading your garage door to a high quality timber installation means you should prepare to shower it with extra care and attention. Unlike steel or aluminium doors with a laminate wood grain finish, good quality timber door requires maintenance.

Your preference for genuine hardwood is understandable. It’s not only beautiful to behold. It also offers you amazing flexibility in terms of design. Nevertheless, Gryphon Garage Doors says your new timber garage door needs regular maintenance.

Check that the coating is intact after a severe storm. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Pay attention to ant and termite colonies, and invest in the necessary preventative measures.

An important architectural feature

A garage door that complements the overall theme and style of your home can be a huge plus. Since the door is the biggest entryway into the house, you should think of it as an important architectural element.

Timber is versatile. Choose to engrave the surface or sculpt it with a unique design. You may even try additional features such as reinforced glass windows to let some light in.

Wood is heavier and more difficult to maintain than steel or aluminium, but it has great appeal. To enjoy good insulation and other benefits, choose the right timber species.