Programmer coding at officeIt’s an open secret that people in the tech industry receive good salaries, but just how well-paid are they? The answer lies in the 2017 State of Salary Report by LinkedIn.

Based on the report, healthcare-related jobs pay some of the highest salaries in the U.S. But when it comes to the best-paid industry, tech indeed takes the lead.

Salary of IT

If you’re looking for a motivation to take those practice tests offered by reputable agencies such as CertBlaster, then perhaps the average salary of $92,000 for computer science may work. An associate software engineer is also one of the top 10 mid-level positions with the highest salaries. You can potentially take home $65,000 a year with a median cash bonus of $5,000. Those who are already a senior level employee may earn $119,000, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Overall, people in the IT industry have a median compensation of $104,700. Hardware and networking occupy the second spot at $101,100.

Other Tech-Related Jobs are a Big Hit, Too

Work in the IT industry

People usually set their sights on the big companies, such as Airbnb, Facebook, Twitter, and Uber. It is understandable since the LinkedIn report suggested a direct correlation between the size of the company and the salary. The bigger the business is, the higher your income can be.

The most in-demand job among this group is software engineering, but other tech jobs also have higher spots. These include infrastructure and security engineering, network support engineering, and data center management.

Getting into the IT field is challenging. It is also becoming a more competitive industry, but the financial benefits can be one of your biggest inspirations to pursue and love it. Those who want to enter these types of work can benefit from backing their education with the proper certifications, such as those from CompTIA.