Physical OfficeAre you thinking of moving out of your home and into a real office? Your startup is beginning to pick-up and you have a couple of people working under you. Despite the feeling you get that it will be nothing but progress from this point on, you may not exactly be sold on the idea of opening an office for a startup.

With many people venturing into business these days, a lot of those don’t even make it to this point. Consider yourself fortunate. Also, you need to keep in mind that working from home can be comfortable for you, but it may come with its own set of downsides. It may be a cost-saving measure that is really hindering your growth in the longer run, causing you to lose more money than you actually save.

Just why is having an office important? The value of an established physical office lies in its ability to boost the efficiency and productivity of your company. A well thought-out office lets you and those you work with focus on the things that matter and need to get done. says when you shop for fitouts, make sure the layout you have in mind is in line with this objective. Make it a compact but versatile workspace. Make sure your office is designed like a respectable business iould be. Storage and phone location is equally important. Try to imagine the workflow and movement of your staff on the busiest day of the year. Plan around that.

Always keep in mind the reason you want to put up a physical office for your company. Your office is the identity of your startup. It lets the clients know who you are, how well you do work and how much you give attention to detail. It gives insight into what is going on deeper into your operations.

Spaces tell stories. You want your office to tell a story of success.