Spine Care in DenverWhen was the last time you stopped to think about your spine? Most people assume that as long as they are able to carry on daily tasks, everything should be fine — unless you suffer from a back pain. Statistics show that nearly 80% of the population is affected by spinal issues at one point in their lifetime.

Heavy lifters, overweight people and those who smoke are at a higher risk of developing spinal issues. Having a healthy back is critical to your overall health. Here are some great tips to ensure that your spine stays healthy in 2016.

Good posture

Practising good posture when sitting, standing, lifting and even lying is important as your spine supports both your ligaments and muscles. Discs on your lower spine are loaded three times more when sitting than standing. That is why people who sit for long periods of time complain of painful backs. While working at your desk, your desk and chair should be able to support your back without any strain.

Walk and stretch every 30 minutes to ensure that your spine is not confined to one position for long.


To reduce the pressure on your lower back, your core muscles need to be toned. Unfortunately, most of us rarely use our core muscles during our daily activities. Exercising your core muscles for at least 30 minutes reduces the stress your spine undergoes when supporting your body.

Wear the right shoes

The shoes you wear play a vital role in supporting your back. A good shoe should provide a supportive base to ensure your body and spine are aligned. Avoid tight shoes as they could lead to supination or over pronation.


Going for a massage is a great way to encourage blood flow as it increases endorphins, which is your body’s natural painkiller. Swedish massage or shiatsu is also great for general stress relief.

Get your spine aligned

Visiting your chiropractor will help uncover hidden musculoskeletal problems that could lead to injury, denver-chiropractic.com says. If you have a back pain, your chiropractor can help align your spine to increase functionality. Do not wait until your pain becomes chronic to have it checked.

Following these practices will help you maintain a healthy spine and reduce cases of back pain. Talk to an experienced chiropractor about your spine and more tips on how to best care for your spine.