Car insurance policyMost people who plan to go on a road trip often create a checklist based on their preferred routes and travel essentials, but making sure you have updated car insurance is just as important.

If you plan to spend the Australia Day long weekend on the road, find out first if there are no issues with your car insurance policy.

Comprehensive coverage

There are many types of insurance policies, but having comprehensive insurance could be your best option. This provides you with a wide range of coverage, including damages to other cars and your own. Road trips on holidays usually mean encountering more vehicles on highways, so comprehensive coverage makes you feel protected against any imaginable scenario.

Most insurance policies, however, have certain restrictions. Some of them include the distance you travel within a year or the number of passengers. Be sure not to breach these conditions or re-negotiate the terms when necessary. If you are driving in Queensland, take note if your insurance covers driving along coastal areas.

Beach travel

First-time drivers along beaches must check if their vehicle can endure the hot and dry conditions in Queensland. A four-wheel-drive serves as the best choice for a road trip across the state’s coastline. Bring your car to a mechanic for a proper inspection of tyres or if it needs electronic rust proofing in Brisbane, for instance, where the humid and salty air from beaches can be harmful to your car.

Remember to check the scheduled high and low tides in your travel destination. Seawater can quickly rise closer to the shore without warning. It can be easy to forget about this especially if the scenery distracts you.

Many Australians embark on a road trip on holidays for different reasons, but the necessary preparations remain mostly the same.