Riding a car used to be simple, but necessity is the mother of invention. The more we rode on cars, the more that we wanted to add more features to it. With the advent of technology, gadgets and connectivity have also become requirements. As we are spending more time with our cars, these requirements are now part of the game.

With the competitive car market, there are many factors that could be the clincher on what you buy. Brands from Europe like Skoda or those from Asia can offer a different perspective and more possibilities. Some of them can have great tech and interior features, like the ones below.

Internet Connectivity

In the age of internet and social media, it is already a necessity to have connectivity anywhere you go. In the car, we would depend on our mobile devices to gain connectivity. However, car brands have taken the initiative to offer better, more convenient, and more powerful options.

With WiFi and LTE 4G features, your car becomes a hot spot and allow all the devices in the car to connect. If you’re driving a van or an SUV with many passengers, this feature will be very appreciated.

For parents, if your kids have connectivity, they can watch videos, stream music and browse the net, leaving you in peace.

Specialized Temperature Seats

Car seating has improved immensely throughout the decades. From bench seats, we have evolved to reclining seats, to bucket seats. What would be the next phase in their evolution?

There are now both cooled seats and heated seats. When you think this is a minor thing, try being seated in a car for three hours in hot or humid weather. Even with the air conditioning and leather upholstery, you can get swampy at the bottom. Cooled seats can provide a comfortable ride, no matter how long it takes. Heated seats work wonders in the winter. After braving the freezing cold, your hips, legs, and buttocks could use some warming up.

These temperature controlled seats are starting to become standard features, not just on premium cars but also for regular models. This has caught on with the public.

Massaging seats

Man relaxing inside the car

At first, this sounded like a flimsy gimmick but many of the standard features today have actually begun in that dynamic. This is why massaging seats should not be dismissed. When you spend hours on traffic, you have the danger of losing circulation. These specialized seats actually function to ease driver fatigue and early reviews on those models are highly favorable. It works especially well when you have already missed your spa appointment.

Power Sunshades

There are now regulations in some countries on how dark you can tint your car. For car owners, this can mean a hot, sunny ride. You can place sunshades, but it can be a drag to have to stop and fix the shades in the rear seats.

Power sunshades allow you to take control of the car shades, even those on the rear window at the touch of a button. This is highly convenient when you’re driving alone on the highway and the sun suddenly slips through the clouds.

These interior tech features can definitely help your car in the long run as they were also invented to make your ride easier.