Female with an electronic cigaretteMany people still hold wrong ideas about vaping in spite of its proven benefits to smokers. Do you have family members who are against you vaping since it seems similar to smoking cigarettes? You can read to them the information below and convince them that vaping can be good for you.

A Primer on Vaping

First and foremost, what is vaping? This refers to the usage of Advanced Personal Vaporisers or e-cigarettes. These contain vape juice or e-liquid that’s converted into smoke, which users inhale and exhale like actual cigarette smoke. EasyPuff says that you can order vaporisers and vape juice from a local or online NZ shop.

In Terms of Health

In terms of health, health experts and even Government health officials recommend vaping over actual smoking. The NZ Government even have plans to legalise e-cigarettes containing nicotine. This comes from the proven fact that vape smoke is immensely safer than actual cigarette smoke.

Actual Ingredients of E-Liquid

Now, some may argue that vape juice contains chemicals and ingredients that can harm you. Unless your vape juice comes from a questionable source, all proper e-liquids contain safe ingredients. They usually have an organic vegetable glycerine base, propylene glycol — a main ingredient of asthma inhalers, flavourings, and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

The Nicotine Issue

The nicotine in e-cigarettes may prompt your family to say that vaping is a gateway for younger people and non-smokers into smoking. Of course, such a concern is valid, which requires you to be more responsible over non-vapers around you. Nonetheless, the most popular vaporisers use little to no nicotine since many adults choose to decrease nicotine strength to gain more flavour from vape juice.

Effectiveness of E-Cigarettes

Finally, e-cigarettes truly help smokers quit. Studies show that e-cigarettes have helped most former smokers with their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. In fact, e-cigarettes have a higher success rate than nicotine patches or gum.

You now have the tools you can use to convince your family how vaping can help you.