Alternate Uses for your CarportsThere’s more to your carport than just a shed for your vehicle. You can use your carport as temporary shade for an event or use the port for something you can profit from. Especially if you live on the Sunshine Coast, you have plenty of reasons to need a carport. Maximise your investment with these alternate uses for carports.

Entertain guests

Carports make great pavilions or canopies for when you’re entertaining guests outdoors. Whether you’re hosting a pool party, a barbecue or an exquisite brunch for friends, a carport can give guests a reprieve from the hot sun or a cover from precipitation. For increased comfort and protection, you can use carports with insulated roofing. Not only will the roof help make temperatures under the carport more comfortable, it will also make your carport more attractive.

Give plants a more controlled environment

Your carport can double as a greenhouse for your car and sensitive plants. You can use your carport’s sides or vertical space so you can still park your car. One of the things that make growing fruits and vegetables in the Sunshine Coast a challenge is the topsy turvy weather. You can get a heat wave in the middle of winter or a month’s worth of rain in an hour and nothing the next months. Giving plants a shade from extreme heat and a cover from pouring rain will help them better weather the elements.

Garages and Carports

A green powerhouse

Having a carport means more roof area for your property. You can use this to your advantage by using your carport roof as a green energy source. Install solar panels on your roof and enjoy the free solar energy Brisbane has plenty of. If you haven’t tried solar yet, you can look for interest-free loans on solar power systems that the Queensland government offers.

Utility storage

Have you outgrown your home including your garage? Carports can easily shelter bulk storage, quad bikes and seasonal or outdoor items. If you don’t have a garage yet, you can have a double carport and use half for storage and half for your car.

Project or hobby area

A carport can be the perfect space for when you need to work on a project outdoors. If you’re fixing your car, building something for your home or training your pet, a carport provides shade and weather-protected workspace.

These structures cover ample ground space allowing you to fit large workbenches and supplies. If it rains, you can keep electrical equipment and power tools dry. Whatever you need to do, you and your project will stay dry and protected allowing you to get more things done without interruption.

Give animals a shade from the summer heat

A portable carport is a great, cost-effective solution for people who can’t have an additional barn or farm shed made, just yet. You can give chicken or goats a cool dry place to stay. If you get a double carport, you can give bigger animals a temporary shelter. Have some sides constructed with shelving and you can also use your carport to store straw, hay or animal feed.

Carports are more than just a roof with frames. What we’ve given are just some of the many things you can do with a carport. If you invest in quality frames and roofing, you can eventually convert your carport into a garage, even an additional living space. With their versatility, you can have many opportunities to maximise your investment.