different people wearing eyeglassesChoosing the perfect glasses is not exactly rocket science; it can be done by anyone as long as they understand their facial structure.

To help you better understand how the tricks work, International Eyewear, one of UK’s most trusted and reliable optical frame manufacturers, cite below the most basic aspects you should consider before buying the perfect frame for your face.

1. Shape

This is the most obvious and essential part of choosing eyewear — both for reading or for fashion. The list below is the simplest form of explanation of the type of face shapes that go along with the specs.

  • Heart-shaped faces — aviators and rimless
  • Square-shaped faces — ovals and rounded rectangles
  • Narrow faces — tall frames with decorative details
  • Round faces — rectangular frames and contrasting bridges
  • Trapezoidal faces — half-rim and cat-eye frames
  • Oval faces — thick-on-top frames and butterfly frames

2. Colour

Colour includes skin, hair and your wardrobe. For example, if you have light hair and fair skin, try choosing frames that are not too dark. What is important is that you opt for colours that complement your skin.

3. Personality

Believe it or not, personality is also an important aspect of choosing eyewear. For most people, frames can say a lot about your personality. You do not want to wear the fun type of frames and attend a serious business meeting on behalf of your company.

If it is what you wear every day, opt for one style of frame that suits your personality and lifestyle.

There are so many factors to consider before buying the right specs, but these three aspects can help you narrow down your search.

If you wear glasses every day, consider buying quality eyewear materials from reliable optical frame manufacturers. In reality, eyewear can be expensive and you can only choose between one or two pairs for a certain period. Make sure you get the ones that you will not regret buying.