rustic restaurant interior

Everyone needs food and wants it at some point in their lives. This is the reason why the restaurant business is one of the more profitable ventures as long as all the elements, such as food, location, and management, are in the right place. One aspect that is sometimes overlooked when it comes to the physical design of the establishment is the colour scheme. You might not know it, but it can affect customers’ first impressions as well as dining experiences. Here is a guide to colours that you can use depending on the kind of restaurant that you have.

Fine Dining and Formal Restaurants

These kinds of establishments usually give off a grand, spacious feel. Even if you don’t have the space, you can make up for it with colour. Light, neutral tones such as white and beige, can make your customers feel that they’re in a bigger area than they really are. However, you shouldn’t focus on these alone; you should include others to break it up. For example, you can try combining it with cool colours such as green or blue, or dark ones such as brown or black. Contact a certified commercial construction company to assist you with your choice.

Fast Food

The polar opposite of the previous category, fast-food shops are lively, and they are made to provide a more informal dining experience. However, since more people go to these establishments due to the affordability of their products, you’d have to convince them to make their stay brief. Not only should you make your food and service quick in order to make way for customers, you’re better off using bright colours such as red, yellow, and orange. These hues are often linked to urgency, so they would be effective in this setting.


vintage-style cafe

Due to their recent popularity, people can find these places left and right, with the busiest parts of the city containing more of them. They’re mostly aimed at giving customers a place to relax, meet, work, and study, so the colours that you use should be inviting and relaxing. Earthy and warm hues such as brown, gold, and sometimes even red and orange are the go-to for this kind of venue. They make customers more inclined to make themselves at home and be comfortable with staying.

Nightclubs and Bars

These types of establishments cater to those who are looking to party the night away, and you’ll need the perfect ambience to set the tone. These places are typically darker than the others mentioned above, using black and other cooler colours. If applied well, it can make the brighter areas, such as the bar counter, stage, and dance floor, become more visible. Keep in mind, however, that using too much black will make the place feel more crowded than it actually is, so use it carefully.

Choosing the right colours can do wonders for your business, as they can influence your customers’ behaviour to work in your favour. In contrast, selecting inappropriate ones can make you lose profit. Give your restaurant the colourful edge it needs to succeed and ask professional interior designers to help you.