heavy buildup of ice dams on a roofAn ice dam is an ice build-up at the edge of your roof. It forms during winter, preventing melting snow to drain off your roof. If not removed immediately, it can cause the water to leak into your home and damage your ceiling and walls. Roof snow removal experts in Minneapolis can help you resolve this problem. Below are some of the basic points that you need to learn about ice dams.

How are ice dams formed?

An ice dam usually forms when the roof gets warm enough that the underside of the layer of snow on the roof melts. The water then trickles down until it reaches the eaves of the roof. Since it extends beyond the side of the house, the eaves of the roof usually stay cold, causing the water to freeze build up into a mound of ice.

What damage can ice dams cause?

When an ice dam gets big, the melted snow will start backing up behind it then seep through the shingles. The water will eventually drip into the insulation, down into the ceiling of your home. The moisture in your home will also promote mold growth, which can pose health risks to your family. Moreover, when the ice dam breaks free, it will cause even more damage since it will likely pull the shingles and gutters off.

How do you prevent ice dams?

The best cure is always prevention. Since ice dams are caused by melting snow, you need to scrape off the snow as it falls on the roof and gutters. Use a snow rake, broom, or a plastic shovel.

Remember that in order to prevent ice dams, you need to treat the underlying problems, not just the symptoms.