Children Making Arts And CraftsChildren are the crowning achievements of parents. They are the source of happiness and inspiration. They are the reason why their work hard. However, having children can also be a challenge for working parents. They sometimes can be too much to handle due to having lots of energy. For children to use their energy positively, they need to undergo certain activities. Here are some activities used by after school care centers in Kearns that you can use at home. 

Question and Answer Session

Children are very eager and curious. You will find them searching for answers all the time. Keep them occupied by facilitating a question and answer session with them. This can help calm them down, and also educate them at the same time.

Outdoor Games

Keeping the kids in a room for extended periods can make them tired and lose interest. The good idea is to have them play games outdoors. Make sure to provide many playing platforms to keep them interested. 

Simple Puzzles

Design well thought out puzzles with straightforward and surprising answers. Curve the number three from cartons and ask the kids to create the number 8 with the cards. They will try to figure out how to do it which can take up a lot of time and energy. 

Kitchen Matters

Kids always like to know how their mom creates delicious meals. Design a simple recipe. Make the place look like a real kitchen complete with white aprons and caps for each child. Proceed with the process and reward them with the meals.

Keeping children engaged is not a difficult task. You only need to introduce many engagements and learn what they enjoy most. Ensure that they perfect in each process to motivate them to repeat it every day.