Headlight of a red car being buffed

Most people think a brand-new car doesn’t need any car care just yet. That’s because when you hear “brand-new”, you automatically assume it’s that vehicle standing in the showroom, all glossed up and ready to impress.

The truth is, your car – whether it’s a Kia or a Porsche – needs cleaning and detailing once you’ve driven it home from the dealership. It is not immune to contaminants and dirt from the road or from the lot where it had to sit for weeks before you bought it. While they washed it at the dealership before delivering it to you, it still needs a more thorough level of care when you get home.

First things first, it helps to have the number and address of a mechanic or auto shop you trust before taking home your brand-new Porsche. You never know when you need an expert at servicing your Porsche in NYC, whether for major damage or a simple oil change. Even Porsches age, you know.

To make sure your car – which arguably has the most recognizable silhouette in the automotive kingdom – looks as beautiful as it did the first time you saw it at the dealership, here are some car care and cleaning tips for a brand-new Porsche.

Wash It With High-Quality Shampoo

You don’t want the smallest pieces of lint to leave scratches on your car, or the shampoo to leave swirl marks. That’s why you have to use high-quality shampoo from a known brand. Spray the car thoroughly with water (preferably soft water) then spray with the shampoo suds. Spray it off with water again without touching the car. Then proceed with the two-bucket method to wash it with fresh shampoo and clean water. Use a soft microfiber mitt. After rinsing, dry it thoroughly with a new microfiber drying towel.

Clay Bar It

A clay bar can remove the marks and oxidation that car shampoo cannot. Use a clean mix of car shampoo and water to lubricate the spots you clay. Don’t let the shampoo dry, rinse it off with clean water. When you’re done claying it, rinse the car thoroughly once more, then dry it completely.

Apply Paint Sealant or Wax

Use top quality and known products for sealing the paint. You may also use a paint polisher, just make sure it’s not too abrasive. Then over the polish, apply a good coat of wax. If you have the time and the inclination, remove the wheels and apply wax on them. Do the same on your brake calipers, as Porsche calipers are painted. The wax will give your paint’s clear coat extra protection from scratches and oxidation.

Keep your car in the garage whenever possible to protect it from rain, snow, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, and the sun’s UV rays. Now you can enjoy your brand-new Porsche even more, knowing you’ve given it extra protection against the elements.