Dentist holding a mirror for a dental patientIn Budapest, dental treatment has become one of the main reasons why foreigners come into the city. Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary, it is the dental tourism capital of Europe.

This means that there are thousands of dentists in Budapest. Dental treatment is offered by many of them in the UK and Ireland, and finding the right dentist is important. One of the many dental clinics in Budapest is Access Smile, but this dentist also has clinics at home.

What to bear in mind

Dental treatment often involves more than just the treatment. There’s the diagnosis to start with, and if the treatment required is going to be complex, then patients are looking at a series of visits. Depending on what the treatment is, healing time may also be a factor. So, patients may need preparatory treatment, the actual treatment and then aftercare as well. This can make for quite a long period of time and several visits, and it can help if Budapest dental treatment can be started and finished in the home country of the patient.

The level of expertise

Generally speaking, the level of dental training in Hungary is very high and is entirely comparable with that offered in the UK and Ireland. Dentists also need to be registered with the appropriate professional body in Hungary. If dentists are also practising in the UK or Ireland, they need to be registered with the professional bodies in those countries as well.

Check the quotes

A good dentist in Budapest should give the patient a full, detailed written quote. Make sure this is the case, because some dentists make their treatments appear cheaper by not giving a full quote and then hitting patients with a whole load of extra costs when they are in Budapest and have no choice but to pay them.

Check the materials used

Another way to reduce costs is to use cheap or imitation products. Thus, someone having dental implants might find they are being fobbed off with cheap implants that are not going to last as long as the main brands.