Image of a woman's feet climbing the steps of the stairsMany people prefer using the elevators to reach the upper levels of many structures. Stairs are seen as an inconvenience, so most people prefer not to use them. But, choosing to use the stairs is one great way to exercise and is a sure way of losing weight.

Health benefits of using the stairway

Studies show that walking up the stairs helps you burn calories three times faster than when pacing faster on a flat surface. It’s a form of preventive medicine and helps in strengthening your heart. If you are looking for a workout, try using the stairs frequently as a routine.

However, people are not encouraged to try the stairs. Architects should design stairs that are attractive and eye-catching enough to encourage people to use them instead of the elevators. Some architects and decorators have used the following methods to make stairs more enticing.

1. Use a unique stairs design.

Stairs have become integral architectural structures in modern buildings. Unique designs always attract people to climb stairways. Some modern designs include the L-shaped stairs, U-shaped stairs, winder stairs, and piral stairs. Some homeowners prefer a floating stairs installation to save space and give their homes a modernist atmosphere.

2. Make it the only option.

Place the stairs strategically to make them the automatic choice. This strategy will leave people with no option but to use the stairs.

3. Paint the stairs in bright colours.

Use bright colours to paint the stairs. Bright colours make stairs appear conspicuous and interesting, and most people love unique structural designs in buildings and houses.

4. Decorate your staircase wall with art.

Use art to encourage people to use the stairs. Hanging decorative elements along the staircase walls will make that part of your house more interesting.

5. Use natural light to brighten staircases.

You can add windows to light your staircase naturally. Having natural light flooding in your stairway is a good way to entice people to use the stairs.

Stairs are a functional part of any structure, but they could also help you stay healthy and active. Make climbing stairs more fun by installing the latest architectural designs. Choose which of the options above fits your home, so you won’t have to get a gym membership.