Chiropractor examining woman's backBack pain is one of the leading afflictions that a vast majority of adults battle regularly. But why does this illness seem so difficult to address? The fact is, there are simple solutions to this stubborn problem, whether an injury, weakness, or numbness caused it.

Here are some of them.

Consider chiropractic

In the past, people with back pain considered chiropractic as a last-ditch effort to solve their problem. But with the treatment proving effective, more and more patients with back pain are opting to visit a chiropractor in Sandy.

Back expert Upzen Health notes this is better than trying traditional methods. Chiropractic care works well not just for treatment of your pain, but also for the prevention of it.

Keep moving

One of the causes of that ache on your back may be that you have not been moving around much. But seeing as your body is meant for motion, sitting at your desk all day will only make matters worse. Try to sit in many different positions.

Once every twenty minutes, stand up and stretch to give your back muscles a chance to relax.

Heat it or chill it

Beat immediate back pain by using ice on your back. Cold helps reduce inflammation, soothing the aching area. However, once pain passes the 48-hour period, applying heat on the painful area works better.

Heat helps loosen the muscles and increase blood flow to the hurting area, making the healing process faster.

Treat the root cause

Too often, people cover up the symptoms of lower back pain without attempting to find out what could be the underlying issue. There are potential causes of your pain, from spinal cords that are not moving properly to a breakdown of nerve signals.

Focus the treatment on the underlying issue, and you can find a lasting solution for your back pain.

You need not let back pain disrupt your life. By adopting the right treatment for the problem, you can help keep it at bay once and for all.