kids playing baseball

Teaching your kids how to play contact sports is an excellent way to help them learn the value of teamwork and camaraderie at such a young age. So, it is entirely understandable to help them be their best at whatever sport they want to play.

Same with playing baseball, it is up to you to teach them the fundamentals of the sports to make it enjoyable for them. But how do you do it? Here is how you can motivate your children to become baseball champions.

Incorporate fun

Make sure to incorporate fun with your drills. For example, when you are trying to teach them how to field a ground ball, use your hands as if they are an alligator mouth when you are catching the grounder. Now, as the ball falls into your glove, you should have your throwing hand come down on top of the ball as if it is an alligator shutting its mouth.

This will teach your kids how to hold the ball properly so it would not come out of their hands. Using a radar gun for baseball can help track the speed of the ball to help them with their practice.

Practice regularly

Skills in sports are something that anyone can learn through constant practice. One needs thousands of hours to become an expert in any field. But as with most kids, repetitive tasks can easily bore them. That is why making things fun for them can make it easier for them to learn the skills that they need to be good in any sport.

Teach them how to swing

To help them become better in baseball, you need to teach them how to hit the ball accurately. Bear in mind that you do not only use your arms to beat it; you use your entire body. Although it is complicated for children to understand it at first, adding a little game to will make it easier. You can tell them that it is like squishing a bug as they try to swing the bat.

Practice the right pitch

baseball players

The best way to help them learn the proper way of pitching is through constant practice. If you are helping the team, then you can ask all the players to line up right at the back the pitcher’s mound. Then, have the first player in the line step right in the middle of the hill and ask him to throw a pitch.

This way, every player will have their turn to practice. If his first pitch is a strike, then he is still in the game. But if it is a ball, then there is a chance that he will get on the hot seat. If the next one to him throws a strike, then that means that the first player who had a ball is out of the game.

Incorporating fun into teaching sports is a great way to help children learn the basics of it. You need to keep the practices short, so they will have enough time to rest.