freight trainWhen you seek to transport your goods, one of the major concerns is the condition of your items when they arrive at their destination. For perishable goods in bulk, there is also the need to transport them as quickly as possible. Usually, this will increase the risk of damage while in transit.

The freight industry has sought better solutions to address this dilemma. On the packaging side, most European haulers in the UK and the rest of the Union have arrived at the conclusion that pallets are the best choice when it comes to transporting and storing goods. They cite their reasons based on their experience.

Using Pallets Allow for Easier Handling

When products are placed in pallets, they can be moved more easily and quickly when compared to cardboard boxes. This is because the pallets follow a standard size and can be securely lifted by a forklift.

The handlers can also place the smaller items on top of the larger items in one pallet. When the handlers list down the quantity, they can use pallets as a unit of measurement so that it will give them fewer items to track.

Since there are less paperwork and easier packaging, the total turnaround time of the delivery is reduced, which is the goal of every freight service.

Transporting Through Pallets Reduce Risk of Damage

Pallets can be made from different materials, such as wood, plastic, or metal. All these materials are sturdier than cardboard boxes. They are less likely to break or be worn down by dirt and debris and the wear and tear of transport.

Free shipping cardboard box isolated on whiteFor fresh produce, pallets can offer ample circulation and drainage, which can preserve the shelf life of these perishable products. They can withstand temperature changes better than other packaging options. That is why pallets are used even in the storage warehouse throughout the transport cycle.

Pallets are even environment-friendly. As they remain undamaged, pallets are reusable. Freight haulers would usually send the pallets to and from their destinations to be refilled with goods. It takes numerous cycles before the pallets need to be repaired. For plastic or metal pallets, they can be melted and recycled. There is less waste material as compared to other storage and transport options.

Overhead Costs are Reduced by Using Pallets

For the owners of freight companies, investing in pallets will reduce their overhead costs. They would need fewer employees because pallets are easier to handle. Pallets, despite their sturdiness, are actually lightweight and can be carried by a single handler. The ease of handling will reduce the risk of employers getting injured on the job.

There is also increased customer satisfaction, as the pallets can prevent product damage and spoilage. Freight companies can also reduce their turnaround time because they are using more efficient methods.

The haulers have spoken; it’s time to follow suit. The use of pallets has improved storage and transport efficiency because of their lighter handling, sturdy construction, and portability. This has resulted in more positive feedback and better business overall.