Washing Machine Repair ServicesThe usual cost of professional washing machine repairs range between $120 and $500, but the overall cost may be more or less expensive depending on the problem.

If you live in Utah, the price of a clothes washer repair in West Valley may be different than in Salt Lake City. Take note that where you live also determines the actual rate for professional service. Best Home Appliance shares some insights to help you gain a better understanding.

Identifying Problems

Washers have a varying service life, so repairs will be more frequent if you’ve been using your unit for more than 10 years. However, fixing a relatively new appliance is cheaper than buying a replacement. Some problems can be fixed on your own, such as leaks and clogged drains.

On the other hand, you’d need to hire a technician if mechanical problems cause a broken washer. For instance, broken agitators in washers could lead to non-functional or slow movement. Newer models require an expert’s assistance. Households with a separate dryer would need to pay a different rate for repairs, ranging from $100 to $400.

Other Issues

Some problems with washing machines and dryers don’t require professional help. If you have noticed more hair- or lint-covered clothes, a simple trick requires you to use less detergent. Another common problem is overloading, which causes clothes to become tangled after every cycle.

Unusual odors after every wash may stem from an unclean washer. Make sure you clean the appliance regularly to avoid this. You could also add a cup of baking soda with detergent during the wash cycle to eliminate the bad smell.

The best way to keep your home appliance in good condition is to invest in regular maintenance work. It may cost you money, but it’s more practical than frequently paying for costly repairs and or buying a replacement every now and then.