accommodationSometimes even the plushest of mattresses or widest of California king-sized beds or amazing outdoor views can’t shake off that separation anxiety from home. The good news, though, is that you can make your hotel room feel like home by triggering the senses.

Here are a few tips that experts from some of the best hotels in Utah, like suggest to know what exactly ‘triggering the senses’ means:

Eyes: Hit Home with Perspective

What you see affects how you feel. Your first move should be to keep hotel stuff like ads or luggage racks away from your sight. Replace these things with stuff like framed family pictures or little things from home.Put familiar things, like a scarf or a coat over a chair or at the back of the door, at places where you’ll see them right away. This is especially helpful for those prolonged business trips that may last a couple of weeks.

Nose: Smell Like Home

 The faintest fragrance can make you feel and remember things. Remember and feel at home by bringing scented candles, a familiar perfume, or laundry detergent to create an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity.

Although there are complimentary toiletries provided, nothing feels better than using your own products and having familiar scents linger around. Pack your toiletries and smell like home all day.

Ears: Create the Safe-and-Sound Atmosphere

 Like scents, music also has a way of helping us feel and remember. As you pack things in your bag in preparation for your business travel, load up your iPod with the songs you love. Use the hotel’s iPod docking station and listen to your favorite songs while doing your business report.

 Mouth: Give the Room a Flavor

 It is also likely that there are certain foods that will remind you of home—muffins on the weekend or omelets prepared every morning before work.Cook these if you have time during your stay or make a batch of food that won’t spoil right away before your trip. Be familiar with food you can and can’t bring on the plane, though, if you will be travelling by air.

Create a home-away-from-home atmosphere in your hotel room with these tips. Enjoy your business travel and make it memorable.