Taking Care of your Horse in TakaniniIn Feng Shui, horses are a symbol of luck, success, and fame. The speed and strength of horses are a projection of good luck. Owning a horse or playing a sport associated with horses is considered a status symbol because not everyone has the money to spare for the sport and maintenance.

Owning a horse, whether for leisure or business, means money. Horses require a particular set of tender loving care. Horses are prestigious members of the animal kingdom; from their hair to their stance, you know they are royalty.

Horse Care 101

Animals, like people, have different personalities and behaviours and horses are no exception at all. Whatever the purpose of owning a horse, there is one constant rule to follow: know your horse. If something brings you luck or joy, you certainly take care of it. And how you take care of it starts with knowing the temperament of your horse.

Once you know the horse’s personality, taking care of it becomes easy. Applying care to animals is largely dependent on your preference and connection, but some basic rules can help:

  1. Shelter: the stable must suit all your horse’s needs. It must be safe from external forces like weather and it must also be secure enough for the people outside. Make a comfortable stable for your horse.
  2. Food: animal food is the major contributor to the overall health and performance of your beast. You should be familiar on how to feed horses because they are a bit different from how other animals are fed. Choose animal feed wisely. Make sure that you only get from feed manufacturers that know the nutrition requirements of a specific animal.
  3. Grooming: you know how a horse’s hair is the subject of envy of men and women alike. This isn't effortless, however, so you have to groom their mane and coat regularly.

Horses are considered a symbol of luck and success because of the level of investment an owner provides to it. When you have invested so much into something, you want to maximise the full potential return on investment. And horses do the same for their owners. Their performance is directly proportional to the care they receive.