woman in pain from her toothache Whether toothache strikes unexpectedly or creeps up, gradually becoming worse and worse, it can be all encompassing. Perhaps it is because it is a pain in the head, but toothache is almost impossible to ignore, and can become excruciatingly painful. It is important to get to the dentist in Soho for diagnosis, followed by pain relief and treatment.

There are different kinds of toothache, with different causes, which is why going to the dentist in Soho, such as PS Dental Care, is very important.

Accidents and Acute Pain

If the teeth have been damaged, or the patient has toothache resulting from an impact in an accident, the first step is to get to an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Patients should also seek out an emergency dentist if they are in unbearable pain. The emergency dentist will always see the patient as soon as they can, and there are out-of-hours contact numbers to call too. Emergency dentists offer pain relief first, then diagnosis and treatment to relieve the pain, followed by more treatment later if required.

Other Toothaches

Not all toothaches are severe, and the dentist in Soho may deal with the various kinds of toothache differently, as there are several causes of toothache:

elderly experiencing toothache

Persistent Toothache

If the toothache is a deep pain that never goes away, this may be a symptom of damage or decay. It is important to get to the dentist if the pain has going on for 2 or more weeks, or if it becomes unbearable.

Pain that Comes and Goes

Intermittent toothache pain is a pain that suddenly strikes when people do something, and then goes away again when they stop. It may hit when someone eats an ice cream or sips very hot tea, or is outdoors on a cold, windy day. It could be as simple as having sensitive teeth.

Pain when brushing could come from brushing too hard or with a hard-bristled brush. Pain when chewing could be due to a hole or a crack.

The thing to do is to get to the dentist in Soho so they can take a look and ask questions to make a diagnosis.