heguru education centreThe principle of Heguru exists on the premise that there is a spark of genius in every child. This method traces its roots in Japan, where it grew from a single class to being the largest school for children. The programme aims to develop the right brain so as to unleash the full mental potential of every child. Heguru puts emphasis on concentration techniques that improve the way kids absorb information at very young ages.

Heguru has earned hundreds of positive reviews for its effectiveness, but what exactly makes the method special? Instructors from this class enumerate a few of its perks:

  • The method leverages the thinking ability of children to its highest possible level. This makes them easily adaptable to any kind of learning process later in life in varied environments.
  • The right brain development process aims to hone fundamental skills even when the child is still an infant.
  • The classes emphasise on speed to train kids to use both sides of the brain. Rhythm training with flash cards enhances the mental acuity of kids from their memory to their thinking speed. Another example would be how Heguru instructors turn the hands of a clock in a very fast manner when teaching about telling the time.
  • Heguru employs a different way of relaxation. Students find peace in an area where there are dim lights and soft music in the background. To sustain the learning process, relaxation periods in Heguru classes involve narration that hones concentration.
  • When it comes to mathematics, a colourful abacus becomes the staple instrument, which adds to the fun.
  • Memory development happens through picture cards that the children arrange to depict a narrative.
  • Children adjust to knowledge and creativity whilst maintaining a positive outlook.

The Heguru Education Centre believes that these things make up for the effectiveness of the method, not to mention the way it promotes holistic development for children.

Heguru classes accommodate children as young as six months old, as the discipline believes that the method yields better results when started early. The good part about this programme is that parents can join the learning process and assist their children during the class. Instructors also share techniques that can be of use at home to continue the learning process.