An Ear For Customers' Concerns 24 Hours A DayMarketing gurus have been saying for years that the customer paradigm is shifting, mainly because of the development of technology. Companies need to keep up with this new trend for their businesses to survive.

Cultivating a good relationship with your clients is an essential move for your business to grow and be successful. An unknown author once said, “Customers may not recall what you told them, but they will certainly remember how you made them feel.” Nothing could be truer to what the speaker said especially in this modern age of fast communication where any deed doesn’t go unnoticed.

Happiness Is the Key

Today, it is not anymore enough for companies to make their customers very satisfied with their products or service. An article posted at revealed it is about the client’s overall experience and how happy they are with you. When customers feel good about you, they will be glad to dig deep into their pockets to pay for your products or services.

Going the Extra Mile

So how do you make customers happy? There are many ways of achieving this and listening attentively to their concerns is one of them. Just imagine how your customers would feel if your company employs an after-hours call answering service from someone like United Call Center that listens to their concerns. They would be very happy to know that the business they patronize is going the extra mile by ensuring their calls are attended to. This is way better than dropping an email or message, then calling again in the morning only to repeat what you said the night before.

Customer Want Prompt Response

According to Business Insider, the evolution of modern technology also changed the way customers behave towards services being rendered them. In this modern age, many customers expect businesses to provide them with a prompt response similar to how computers reply.

Customers who felt and believed their concerns were not being promptly attended to, would often use social media to narrate their experience. Such narration, even if it comes only from one source and may be inaccurate, can negatively affect your business in a huge manner.

Lending An Ear

For instance, an overseas client wished to inquire important matters and calls you daytime in his time zone and 2 AM in yours. When he continuously calls you on instant messenger, land and mobile phone, and gets no answer, what do you think he would feel? Never mind that it is lunchtime in his time zone while you are busy exploring the hills in dreamland. What he will remember is you never took his call. Meanwhile, if you have a call answering service ready to listen to his concerns 24 hours a day, then you will make him very happy.

In this age and time, the new level of marketing calls for providing excellent customer service that would make them feel very happy. You need not spend a lot of money or time to achieve this.

Sometimes, all it takes is to show and make your customers feel that you care. That way, they will narrate this wonderful experience with you to their friends and their friends’ friends. Soon, your shop will be crowded with people wanting the same experience.