rain gutter

Gutters play a primary role in keeping homes safe from direct hailstorms, rainwater, and snow. With the right gutter, it helps direct rainwater away from doors, foundations, windows, and walls. However, since only a few homeowners care about the role that gutters play, they hardly notice it when it becomes defective. Sometimes, it is already too late by the time they notice that they have a faulty gutter system.

If your gutter contractor followed Wisconsin’s building standards, then their installation is something you should not worry about, as they have put the necessary measures to make sure that it will last. Add to that your responsibility for proper and frequent maintenance, your gutters could last for 20 years at the least.

Seamless metal gutter and gutter protection installers recommend scheduling a bi-annual gutter inspection. This way, you will know if your gutters are up for repairs or replacement. But, do you know what you should be looking for here? Here are two critical signs to take note of:

The visible signs

If you are dealing with a severely damaged gutter system, the signs will be clear. You will notice rust spots, cracks, and holes in some of its parts. Some of these will require you to run water through the gutters to see where the water is leaking, or you can wait until when it rains next to do that.

Sagging gutters is another visible sign to look out for. That is a typical case during winter, especially in instances where you have a clogged downspout that rainwater settles and turns into ice. The gutter begins to separate and pull away from where it was attached to the roof frame. If you notice a steeper inclination, then your gutter has begun sagging.

Other signs in this category include bent and dented gutters from branches falling in them. Also, check for pronounced gaps between your house’s gutter system and its connection points with fascia boards and down pipes.

The less visible signs

house with seamless gutters

Seamless gutters do not have much maintaining to do, but there could be subtle elements that are compromising its quality. Some of these include overflowing gutters whenever it rains and when rainwater stands long after it has stopped raining. Others are slight leaking from some parts of your house’s gutter, and birds and rodents nesting on the gutters.

Seamless gutters require constant checking to confirm that every part is functioning normally. However, borrowing from the metal gutter protection that seamless gutters get, they will hardly cost much to clean. Their seamless nature makes them somewhat self-cleaning, as dirt and debris slide down the downspout to leave them clog-free. That is unlike with conventional gutters that are notorious of clogging up with leaves, twigs, and even small debris.

If this is your first time to learn about seamless gutters, then call a reputable gutter installation company that specializes in this type of gutter. They will help you learn further about why most homeowners are replacing their conventional gutters with seamless ones.