gun on a tableAn estimated 40% of homes across the country have some firearm. Research by The Every Town for Gun Safety Support Fund found that approximately 4.6 million children in the U.S. reside in homes that have at least one unlocked and loaded gun. And unfortunately, the same research found that in 2018 alone, there have been 192 reports of accidental shootings by young children.

So before buying one of those CZ handguns for sale, if you have children in your home, here’s what you need to know about firearm safety at home.

Responsible Gun Ownership Starts with Proper Gun Safety—Especially If You Have Children

Underestimating the ability of kids to access guns in a home is a huge problem. Unlike you, kids aren’t capable of distinguishing between toy guns and real guns. Likewise, they’re not capable of making sound judgments regarding the safe handling of firearms. To protect your kids, prevent accidents, and ensure their safety, you must observe the following gun safety rules at home:

  • Store Guns Properly – You must store your guns separate from their ammunition and unloaded. Always keep them locked away where kids can’t reach them.
  • Educate Your Kids – Basically, you need your kids that if they see a firearm, they shouldn’t touch it, get away from it immediately, and tell an adult about it right away.
  • If Visiting Other Homes with Guns – Always ask relatives, friends, and neighbors to ensure that they store their guns safely when your kids come to visit.
  • Use Gun Safety Devices – These include gun locks, guns safes, or lock boxes. You should use these safety devices for every gun you store in your home.

Tips for Educating Kids About Gun Safety

hand gun being hidden

Safety experts recommend that for kids between three  and six years old, you must regularly review with them what they should do if they see a firearm. Begin by showing them pictures of common firearms such as handguns and rifles. Inform them that if they see one anywhere, they should leave the area, and try to tell an adult as soon as possible. Emphasize that they must never touch the gun. After you show and tell, quiz your kids and then praise them if they respond to your questions correctly, and then correct them accordingly if they answer wrong.

If your kids are six years old and older, you must likewise educate them about the differences between what happens when a person gets shot and what happens when a person or character is shot on video games or TV shows. Tell your kids that even if the guns look the same, pretend guns are very different from real guns. They have to understand that people get really hurt and even die when they get shot in real life, unlike in video games and TV shows.

The Most Crucial Things to Remember

Make sure that your kids understand that it’s never okay to touch any firearm when they’re by themselves. If they see one or if another kid has one, tell them to leave immediately and tell them to tell you or any adult about the incident. Always remind them that guns they see in games and on TV are NOT REAL and that real ones could hurt and kill real people.