Get-togethers with friends will only be complete with great food. When you have guests coming over, there’s always the need to prepare something that would make for a decent meal. After all, food complements your friends’ stories and conversations. A seafood boil is ideal during this occasion, especially when you’re near a fishmonger.

dinner with friends

Here is a quick guide to throwing a nice low-country boil:

Getting seafood

The main star of the dinner table would be random kinds of seafood. Mussels, shrimp, and crab taste delicious in a big pot of spices and seasonings. If you’re planning in advance, it’s easy to order wholesale seafood online in Florida or any other area of the country. In a rush, you could always drive to the nearest fishmonger and get your ingredients.

Be sure to note the cook time of every ingredient to avoid overcooked, rubbery shellfish.

A matter of spices

Get a huge pot you can keep boiling and season it with the right spices. The key to a great seafood boil lies in the flavor of the stock, so make sure it tastes delicious.

Carbs to go with it

Some of your friends would want some carbs to go with all that fish and beer, so include potatoes and/or corn in the mix.

A seafood boil is a unique way to bond with friends. As long as you include all three elements mentioned here, you’d enjoy a sumptuous meal from the best that the sea can offer.