Better Balustrade in PerthMany types of materials are suitable for balustrading applications. But, glass and aluminium stand out as two of the most popular options. Both materials have distinct features that make them excellent choices for balustrades. But, how do you choose between the two?


Aluminium is the second most widely used type of metal in the construction industry, next only to iron.  Its physical characteristics are almost similar to that of steel and wrought iron, but it’s less expensive and requires less manufacturing process.

Aluminium balustrades resist corrosion, rust and other weather-related damages. This feature makes it an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor use. While it’s almost as durable as steel and wrought iron, aluminium is lightweight, leading to an easier and faster installation.

Aluminium balustrade companies in Perth, such, offer various designs. You can choose a style that best suits your current home design.


Glass is another popular material in balustrade fittings. Its sleek and clear appearance makes it a preferred option in many modern homes and buildings. This feature also makes it a suitable material in applications where you only want minor or no obstruction of view. An example is a balcony overlooking a beautifully landscaped garden or a designer pool.

Depending on your preference, you can choose among frameless, semi-framed and fully framed glass panels. It is also versatile; manufacturers can customise the fitting to meet your unique design needs. Whether it’s a spiral staircase or an oddly shaped deck, you can have you glass balustrades fashioned and fitted perfectly.

One problem with glass, however, is that it may require regular wiping to keep its clear and sleek appeal. Don’t fret; cleaning it wouldn’t be difficult, thanks to its smooth surface.

Whether you choose glass or aluminium, choose a certified contractor to have your balustrades fixed properly and safely.