Woman on a wheelchair holding a book

When people are using lightweight wheelchairs, it’s easy to think that they might not want you to mention or draw attention to it. On the contrary, many people will feel noticed and taken care of if their friends and family have a vision of them that is inclusive of their disability and/or mobility aid. The best way to ascertain which is most comfortable for a loved one is simply to ask.

If they are happy to receive gifts based on their use of lightweight wheelchairs, there may be some inspiration in the list below. Many of these will be available from the same source as their mobility aid, like a Karma Mobility supplier.

Weather gear

With the right gear, there is no reason why people who use lightweight wheelchairs shouldn’t be able to be outside as much as the rest of us. Trips to the shop or just to take in a bit of air are much improved by, for example, a wheelchair cosy, which covers the lower limbs in a snuggly sleeping bag.

A rain cover is also essential at this time of year… or pretty much any time of year with our British weather.People can get covers that go over the top of the whole chair and allow plenty of room for manoeuvrability.


The key to having a great experience in a wheelchair is getting the right tools to make life work. As it isn’t always easy to move around in a wheelchair and carry things at the same time, the most helpful equipment can be something as simple as a cup holder or tray table.

With attentive listening and observation, someone can get the right information from their loved one to buy them a thoughtful and useful accessory as a gift.


A basic wheelchair is designed to be as supportive as possible. However, it is add-ons like back supports, cushions and other specialist cushioning for limbs and so on that help to really customise someone’s mobility aid for their comfort.

A supplier of lightweight wheelchairs and accessories will be able to advise on the various items that are available, and which might make specific disabilities feel more comfortable.