GiftEven years back, the act of gift giving has been one of the stronger glues in keeping people together, whether it is a personal or otherwise. Who knows just how many wars this simple act has prevented?

Today, there are other types of “wars” that could also be won through by simply giving a gift. As a business owner, getting the word out can be a difficult task, particularly if you’re new in the industry. Cold calls, participating in events, and traditional forms of advertising often do not cut it.

Gifting is an easy and potentially very effective marketing strategy. The key to making it a success is to ensure that you give the right gift to the right people. Marketing-related studies have shown that giving gifts to customers is ten times more effective in having repeat businesses compared to other types of promotional activities.

Think of it as means of strengthening the relationship between you and the people who will help your business grow. As such, you have to make them feel special! What better way could that be in then that to give them a little something first?

Free gifts can be anything. For your customers and target market, try gifting them with product samples or gift cards. Product samples are a great way to expose your new lineup to old customers and at the same time, introduce them to your target market. Your gift should look nice — don’t simply hand them over in a bag!

For business partners, gifts with a little personal note would be perfect. Marcelita’s Cookies suggests giving them corporate gifts such as cookies or sweets — these are always sure-fire hits! For old business partners, a simple thank you would suffice. If you’re wooing a new partnership, make your note personal and tell them clearly about your business, but avoid going too much of a hard-sell to them. Keep it snappy and to the point.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll surely be on your way to winning your own marketing war!