The mouth is a complicated piece of the body. It is operated by many muscles, in the face, neck, and inside the mouth, and there are nerves and saliva glands and taste buds, all of which come together in a synergistic way to seamlessly bite, taste, chew, swallow, smile, and laugh. Teeth also play a vital role in the operation of the mouth, and it’s only when they stop working properly that people realise just how necessary they are. Dentists have been trying to find effective replacements for teeth for centuries. Now, with dental implants in St John’s Wood, it seems that they have found them.

Small wonder then that, since dental implants in St John’s Wood became available, their popularity has grown and grown until there is a good range of reputable dentists, such as Aura Dental, offering these once hard-to-find tooth restorations.

The secret of dental implants’ success

What dentists have been trying to find for many centuries is a way to replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown. Back in the mists of time, they would insert jade or seashells into the empty sockets, and sometimes these would integrate into the jawbone. Dental implants work on the same principle, but in a much more sophisticated way.

The post that is inserted into the jawbone is made of titanium, a metal whose biocompatibility was discovered in the 1950s. The body not only accepts this metal as part of itself, but actually reacts to it by growing new bone tissue around it to hold it in place. Implant posts are inserted into artificial sockets that are drilled by the dentist at the right angle to hold the implant crowns.

In St John’s Wood, dental implants can be used to support up to 3 teeth per implant, and it is possible to have an entire arch of teeth supported on just 4 or 6 well-placed implants. The skill is in the planning and siting so that the drill avoids important nerve endings and blood vessels. Once the implants are in place and fully integrated, custom-made replacement crowns are attached to the posts, and the restoration is complete.