home elevatorWhile it used to only be a luxury reserved for society’s elite, home elevators are becoming increasingly common in typical houses throughout the United States. They are especially popular among families with elderly or disabled members, who cannot easily climb stairs or carry items to the upper floors. Elevators allow them to keep some measure of independence.

Without an elevator, your parents might have no choice but to go into a home for an elderly. But is it really worth it? Here are several things that may convince you.

1. Cheaper than a nursing home – Most people expect the cost of an elevator to be far higher than it actually is, but it is still a fairly significant investment. It also has some minor ongoing expenses, such as maintenance and regular elevator servicing.

When you compare it to the costs of putting your parents in an assisted living facility for several years, however, you’ll often find that a single elevator is very cost-efficient.

2. Custom designs – Some people are worried that an elevator might look completely out of place in their home, and thus ruin the interior design. Fortunately, most home elevator companies understand this issue. They design the elevator from scratch, making sure that it will complement the home’s current style and look.

3. Easy installation – As you are probably renovating an existing home to fit the new elevator, you will have to set aside a certain amount of space for it. Modern elevators are very compact, and house size is rarely an issue. Generally, they need no more than 5 x 5 feet, and this depends on the type of elevator you choose to install. If it’s simply for your parents’ use, then a small model is more than sufficient.

Installation rarely takes more than one day, though the designing and manufacturing stage might take longer if you are getting it custom designed.

4. Improve the value of your home – Unsurprisingly, a personal elevator impresses home buyers greatly. Studies have shown that homes with elevators sell much faster than those without, in addition to significantly improving sale price. If you’re worried that an elevator is only good for the short term, this should reassure you.

Above all, nothing compares to having your parents living at home. As their child, it’s only natural to do everything you can to make their final years as happy and comfortable as possible.