Family in front of house

Everyone is aware of how important interior design is to the overall aesthetic of a home. Exterior home designs are just as important because, though, as this is where people base their first impressions. So, it pays to stay on top of exterior design trends, just as you would pay attention to interior design fashion.

Designers, contractors, and even people planning on buying, building, or renovating a home should take heed of exterior home design predictions for 2019. These will help them strategize, accordingly, to increase property value. On the overall, 2019 will be a year of boldness and natural elements.  Here are some forecasted trends in residential design.

Dark and Neutral Colors

Dark and neutral colors are in for exterior house use in 2019. Used as accents or primary colors against classic white palettes, these colors convey homey-ness and comfort. Navy blues and deep reds against soft grays make your house stand out in a sea of white stucco houses – which is not a bad thing. This gives your façade a striking yet cool look.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Designers today have leveled up decks and patios. In 2019, expect the exteriors of houses decked out with outdoor kitchens and entertainment systems – and patios and decks won’t simply be furnished with wooden or metal benches anymore, either. In 2019, bringing the inside out is the way to go, and the look is more pulled-together than before. A fireplace can be added to an accent wall, giving the area a cozy feel. Some even go as far as adding a waterproof sound system. Designer couches, rugs, and coffee tables will turn your deck into a comfortable outside living space for some downtime, family gatherings, and parties.


Market experts predict that in the coming years, decorative metal fences play a role in increasing revenue in construction. Since fences are among the first home features that potential buyers see, quality is essential, as it evokes the value of the property. Metal fences are built for safety and security, but they are also available in stylish options. These barriers are also important to keep pets safe, and, at the same time, to keep stray animals from entering the property.

Relaxation Amenities

Spiritual and physical wellness is a growing interest. Integrate this into your house with areas where you can unwind. Water fixtures like fountains or fish ponds bring tranquility to outdoor spaces, creating a relaxing feel in your home. By adding areas for yoga and meditation, you also create an environment that promotes wellness and self-care.



Health and relaxation will be in focus in 2019. Pocket gardens provide an invigorating, ecological space for homeowners to test their green thumb.  If you’re looking into having a garden for the aesthetic, low maintenance plants and landscapes will do the job. If you wish to take your pocket garden a notch higher, add an outdoor shed or reading nook for some private quiet time.

Designs are constantly changing, but these 2019 predictions look promising enough to last for years on end. The bold yet cozy designs will prove versatile – and financially sound – especially for residential properties.