Fresh FruitsYou have finally found the place to set up your fruit stand and it is going well. But how can you preserve (or even improve) such good business? Finding the right fruit suppliers in Brisbane is one thing, but there are also other factors that can help your business stand out even more.

Here are some ideas from MorCo Fresh.

  1. Have a good supply.

Selling perishable goods like fruits is critical and thus quality should be of prime importance. Having good quality fruits from your supplier not only boosts your sales but also your store’s credibility. However, no matter how good the quality of the fruit is, its freshness last only a few days.

  1. Ensure freshness.

To prolong the quality and the freshness of your fruits, have the right equipment (i.e. refrigerators and storage spaces) to naturally preserve your goods. Also, have a concrete schedule as to when you will update your products. As much as possible, avoid using chemicals to keep your products “fresh”.

  1. Be punctual.

Set a fixed delivery schedule with your supplier. Doing so would ensure that your products will come fresh, regularly. Also be wary in choosing your supplier. Have one whom you can easily approach and would understand your store’s emergency needs, should it arises.

  1. Make use of unsold ones.

Have a system of separating the unsold ones. Doing so would not only ensure your product’s freshness but can also prevent other fruits from quickly rotting. Repackage over ripe fruits for reselling or turn it to fruit shakes so it won’t go to waste. Get creative and make use of what you have.

  1. Know your fruit.

It is important to know what fruits you are selling and know its quality and state with just one look. There are various kinds of fruits that grow in different seasons. Having good knowledge regarding these seasonal changes, tastes, preservation, and more would definitely be beneficial to your store’s growth.

Knowing these, selling your fruits would be a walk in the park.