glass fencing in PerthResidence staging happens all the time, only in varying degrees.  Don’t hold it against owners who simply want to sell. Instead, learn to see beyond the mirrors, lighting, and fresh paint of that ideal house in that ideal Australian neighbourhood to determine whether you’ve found your new home.

Windows Don’t Lie

Staging commonly occurs in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and other immediately visible areas of the house. Inspecting those to check the house’s condition might leave you with a questionable assessment.

Proceed to the external windows and look for signs of wear and tear on the window frames and the double-glazing. If the owners care enough to maintain their windows, you can be rest assured that they’d have gone through more effort to maintain the rest of the house. You can use this method even if you only want to rent an apartment somewhere in Sydney or Perth. says a glass fencing installed and preserved well indicates quality you can trust.

Roofs Won’t Fall

A roof’s life expectancy depends on the materials used and the maintenance performed. Bring someone with you who has knowledge about those things. If you can’t, do some research so you’ll know what to ask the homeowner. Taking down notes during the house viewing also helps. You may research again afterwards and come up with new questions to ensure its condition. Roofs, after all, can be quite expensive to repair or replace.

Directions Can’t Fool

The direction the house faces matters, especially if you prefer to live comfortably in summers and winters. Knowing if it faces, north, south, east or west spares you from being fooled into thinking that its idyllic vibe in autumn persists all-year round. It gives you a good idea of what the house would be like in every season and whether you and your garden can survive them.

While your optimism makes the task of purchasing a house more fun than frustrating, don’t allow it to overtake your intuition. Making sure to check these details in a house will help you decide which home best suits your taste and promises convenience.