Prepping for the arrival of your little one, but still don’t want to know if you’re waiting for a he or a she? If the prospect of traditional nursery colors doesn’t appeal to you, here are some gender-neutral decorating ideas to spruce up your baby’s future space:

  • Throw Shapes Around – What could be more gender-neutral than shapes, right? Whether you hang them on a mobile, on curtains or blankets, artwork, or painted on one wall, shapes in different colors and sizes could easily add dimension to a nursery.
  • A Statement Wall – Bring in individuality and personality to your nursery with a fun, mixed-media gallery wall. You could combine paintings, photos, prints, and typography for a too-cool-for-school statement wall.
  • Running with Animals – An animal theme, whether the Safari or barnyard-inspired, would appeal to both genders even if many say that it’s mostly for boys. This could be paired effortlessly with other elements to suit a growing baby.
  • Gender-Neutral Paint Options – If you’re averse to busy patterns and traditional gender-specific nursery colors, such as pink, blue, green, and yellow, a house painting specialist suggests you choose gender-neutral colors like grungy yet elegant grays or taupes. Palette Pro Painting and Renovations and interior designers added that asking professionals for color suggestions wouldn’t hurt, as well.
  • Throw in Some Printed Fabrics – Make a plain room more interesting with prints on curtains, bed linens, upholstery, or blinds. Stripes, polka dots, and gingham are classic gender-neutral prints that would work great in any nursery, or you could go with more eclectic prints. You could also consider incorporating prints in buntings if you want a subtle effect.
  • Just Stick Away – If you’re simply looking for a quick makeover, or if you don’t have a choice because you’re renting your home, wall decals could be your best bet. Choose a design, unpeel, and stick.
  • Go Bold, but on a Single Wall Only – If you love graphic prints and can’t resist incorporating a bright color to your nursery, consider an accent wall in graphic print or painted to the color of your choosing.

With clever paint choices, accessories, and prints, you could create the ideal gender-neutral nursery that both you and your little one would enjoy for many years to come.