Hobart neighborhood

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the mainland’s capital cities? Or perhaps you’ve watched all the episodes of Rosehaven and have fallen in love with Tasmania. We can’t blame you as the island is filled with charms you won’t find anywhere in mainland Australia. For instance, it has its own unique wildlife and it offers breathtaking views anywhere you look.

With a population of over 271,000 people, Tasmania’s capital Hobart is known for its natural beauty and laidback locals. If you’re thinking about moving to Tasmania, here’s a list of reasons to plant your roots in the captivating city of Hobart.

Serenity in beauty

If you’re into breathtaking landscapes of natural beauty, Hobart is as picturesque as any city can get. Hobart has some of the most stunning scenery in the country, from sprawling green glades to misty snow-capped mountains and quaint seaside suburbs. You can walk around the docks, kayak in the city waters or take a leisurely stroll through the famous Salamanca Market.

Less traffic

One of the great things about Tasmania is that their government invests in managing and controlling traffic. They plan for future changes in traffic volumes and travel routes by investing in advanced traffic monitoring technologies as well as partnering with local traffic control equipment suppliers.

Additionally, navigating around in Hobart is quick and easy. If you ask one of the locals, anything that’s ten minutes away from your current location is ‘too far.’ You can walk around the city with ease or get to your destination with its simple yet efficient public transport system.

Drink and dine

Hobart’s bar and dining scene is just as booming as Sydney’s and Melbourne’s. In Hobart, you’ll find traditional pubs, trendy bars, tasty takeaways and restaurants that offer a diverse range of cuisines for every palate and budget. For example, Salamanca Place is your one-stop spot for fresh seafood, traditional Italian or hearty pub grub.

North Hobart Precinct, known as the city’s premier eating and entertainment zone, also has something to satisfy your tastebuds. Be it Asian fare or local food and beverages, you’re sure to find endless options for every craving.

A place teeming with arts and culture

Living away from the mainland has enabled the residents of Tasmania to cultivate their own unique brand of creativity. For instance, the world-famous Museum of Old and New Art, or MONA, houses one of the world’s largest private art collections. Located in Hobart, the museum is home to an array of exhibits, be it fine art, pop art and pieces that are grossly controversial.

Hobart also has its fair share of small underground arts and cultural events. Some of the best include the Davenport Jazz Festival, Steamfest, Festival of Voices and the Vibrance Festival.

The weather

Sunny weather

Hobart may be the country’s second driest capital city but its winters are not as harsh as Canberra’s. The summers also don’t tend melt you like a popsicle unlike in Sydney or Melbourne and the beautiful sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking. However, the city’s everyday weather can be tricky. You will need sunblock, a hat, a good jacket and water-proof boots all on the same day.

Hobart is a hidden Australian gem. With its great views, friendly locals and the lifestyle it offers, you will discover a treasure of a place that you can call home.